Life coaching has roots in executive coaching, which itself drew on techniques developed in management consulting and leadership training. Life coaching also draws inspiration from disciplines including sociology and psychology. The coach may believe that they apply mentoring, values assessment, behavior modification, behavior modeling, goal-setting, and other techniques in helping their clients. Or they are simply good at stating the obvious and kicking your butt to do more!

So we sat around the holiday dinner table and each child took turns being questioned by the squad of siblings, it was now my turn. I was ready, I knew what to say, I was so sure that I would be able to quip with the best of them–volley for volley.

“So, how’s California?”
-Its great! I am so glad I moved there. I mean I’ve been in such a good place since getting.

“What was Shane doing here?”
-I mean, well, I… I still care about him and I think it’s important for us try to create a friendship after being together and living together.

“How’s Sofya?”
-Well she is great, lol I am sure you can see that for yourself.

“And, work, how is work? Mom said you were thinking you may leave?”
-I was going through a struggle their for a while. I was trying to reconcile why I had moved my life across country to be a glorified application reader. I had a supervisor who didn’t empower, or allow, me to do anything. I had this lofty title which meant nothing.

“Have you ever thought about being a life coach?”
-Wow, that is kinda out of the blue. Funny, I have thought about it before; I saw it once on an episode of Nip/Tuck.

“I think you would be great! There is level of energy that I think they have and you have it.”
-The reality is in order to be a life coach I think one should have their life together…and I am far from having my life together.

“Densil…no you can do it. Ok, don’t you tell your friends what to do? Don’t people call you and ask for advice: professional and personal? Don’t you help people create those little life plans you call 5 year plans? I mean the way I look at it you are life coaching now and just not getting paid.”
-Dude! I am! I am a life coach! I am so Densil Porteous, LLC*

*Licensed Life Coach