In 2007 my blog was a little personal space where I shared my random ramblings with friends who I thought might have some interest in what I had to say–I suppose that is how I still feel about my little blog even though visitors to the blog have more than…well it is 1,250 times more popular than before. Ok, so in 2007 I was trying to write a series of 12 lessons over the course of a year…I made it to lesson 7 and then stopped. Well, maybe I can make up for lost time and write 5 more lessons before the end of 2012.

Lesson number 8 is rather simple: This is your life–make of it what you will!

I saw an image of “The Holstee Manifesto” and it got me to thinking… We have this life, whether you believe in reincarnation, and it is our responsibility to engage it to the fullest extent that each of us as individuals can. Today is today and it is yours to own. Your tomorrow is yet to begin however, your actions today can inspire the occurrences of tomorrow–so make it happen. The Holstee Manifesto isn’t to give your life meaning or to tell you how to live your life…what it does, or what it should do, is give you inspiration to live the life you should live…the life that is right for you.

Lessons 1 – 7: