I moved to CA in July of 2006 after accepting a job at Stanford University, the job was to be the start of something new, different, a time to decide if the career field I am in is the place where I want to be. I knew after four months that although I love my new co-workers and believe in the product that I am selling, Stanford, my personal philosophy and the nature of my job would not allow me to fully align with the philosophies of my duties. Several years ago I defined my life career as: providing access to information that will enable youth and young adults to feel empowered to make constructive personal choices. Today I feel as if my life has stepped away from my career track and I need to get back to what I love.

As humans we strive for a sense of happiness, a thing that is defined not by our own personal perspectives but by the constructs of our social structures. I struggled and sometimes still do struggle to beseech myself to find my own definition of happiness. I know what happiness is to me; it is doing what I love regardless of what others want me to do. At times, yes, I lose sight of my love and begin to journey along a path that others feel is appropriate for me and then at some juncture I realize I have lost my own personal way.

The simple lesson this week is to define what makes you happy in life, in love, in your career and then create an action statement. Write that statement down, or commit it to memory, and at those moments when you feel as if you have lost your way in life, in love or in your career pull out that statement and read it–because sometimes it’s the only way of getting back to what you love.