Its been a while since I have taken the time to express my thoughts in a form other than the occasional deep sigh of discontent or grunt of frustration. It is surprising, however, that we are able to express our emotional states through orations of indescribable connotation.

I realized the other day that I have been very successful in my life and oddly enough things are going just as planned. No, no please do not mistake my notion of planned to mean that I have mapped out the entirety of my physical existence on this Earth…however, I had at one time in my distant past taken the time to conjure notions of my future and stops I would enjoy along the way.

In my 26 years I have accomplished things greater than I think my mother would have ever imagined for me. She being a person who never completed high school, and therefore clearly not college, never owned her own car, or home, but brought into the world four children she wished the best for. And maybe each of us have gone our own way and done things that she would have found displeasing, but in the end I am sure she is glad to know that she did a good job as a mother in her short time with us.

As I am writing this I sit in my apartment in California knowing that I finished college, Kenyon College, worked on my MBA, sit on the board of a company, Advocates for Youth, work at one of the leading university in the world, Stanford University, have lived my life with no regrets, and know that there is so much more left that I can do and will do.

So, what next? This is the big question for me. I have been so driven to succeed and reach milestones in my life that I am not clear of my next adventure and surprisingly that is a refreshing situation. I have learned a great deal in the last 26 years, I have had some experiences that have taught me some great lessons, again experiences I would never want to trade and surely none that I regret.

In this New Year I think I will aim to share some of those lessons learned. Maybe I’ll share them on here, or just in passing with strangers…but I do aim to share them. I mean what is the good of learning if you can’t share what you are learning with others?

Lesson 1: “Don’t blame others for the way your life is going.”

The reality of each day is that when you close your eyes at night you are the owner of your actions, your thoughts, and your dreams. Things don’t always go the way we “plan” but we have the power to make that situation something new, something different.

In B-school a strategy for management that I believe to be a flagstone for success is the notion of empowerment through ownership. We can apply this notion to our lives by feeling empowered when we take ownership of our life. Don’t lose that control to someone else, don’t give that control to someone else, hold on to it because it is the one thing you truly have control over.