Justin Bieber on Maury Povich: Who’s your daddy!

Povich & Bieber

Bieber’s recent paternity issues hasn’t been the best for some folks…but it has made an old time talk show host relevant once again. King of Day Time TV “paternity testing” Maury Povich is jumping in the fray of the Justin Bieber paternity testing brohaha (ummm, yeah I just typed that).

If you didn’t know Bieber has been dealing with recent accusations that he fathered a child with 20-year-old Mariah Yeater after a stolen moment backstage at one of his shows–apparently it wasn’t just a look he stole! Well a rep for Povich’s “Maury” show tells CNN that they’re “actively pursuing” Bieber’s tale of possible parenthood. The “Maury” show is of course infamous for its’ “You are/are not the father!” DNA test segments.

I hope Maury thanks Justin for these few moments of a return to cultural relevancy.

Thanks for joining us today and until next…who’s your daddy?

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