a few weeks ago i found myself chatting with a dear friend, my friend was just calling me to check-in after a particular rough day… i questioned my friend as to how the day was going and from my friend’s mouth came the response “its all glass walls here”. i quickly responded with acknowledgment of how that must feel…but my friend responded “no, i am in a all glass conference room”…we shared a hearty chuckle and continued our banter.

later in the day, when i had a moment to myself, i realized that much of how we exist today is as if we live our lives in glass boxes. i do believe a reflection of my generation is to box it up and push it to the side and to deal with our emotions by throwing ourselves head first in to our work or some other activity which keeps us from really dealing with that which is most important at any given time. but the notion of the glass walls some how also dictates that our lives are on display for all those around us to witness. whether we share our activities on facebook, twitter, blogger, digg, youtube or some other form of social networking and information sharing website we continually have ourselves on display for all to see.

here i am in San Francisco, the wonderful city by the Bay, and while i am not star, “D List” or otherwise, i do find that my status as a regular every day kinda joe is kinda not real. i find that i do share more about my life and the things that transpire, i dont give it all away, but people know more than some may deem to be appropriate. but is this a wrong thing? is it not right for us to feel as if we are living in a society where we can exchange feelings and everyday events so that we may feel closer to those which we are around?

yes in our generation we may display ourselves as we live in these glass boxes, but are we not better for being able to share ourselves with those around us, are we not better for highlight just how much we have in common with each other, are we not better for being a much more transparent generation…i believe we are.