Hillary ClintonSecretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is leaving her post as soon as the Senate confirms her replacement. Her departure from this Administration’s Cabinet is seen as a timely move for the Secretary, a huge loss for the Administration and the American people, and a fitting way to end her role as a public servant of the United States of America–or is it?

Before delivering remarks on U.S. and Israeli relations Friday, November 30, the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution rolled out a video replete with soaring music and effusive praise of Secretary Clinton’s career by high-profile leaders and luminaries, and with it, continued speculation about whether she really has run her last political race–Rodham Clinton 2016?

Despite her repeated statements that she will leave public service once her successor is in place at the Sate Department, buzz about a possible second run for the presidency by the Secretary is in full force following the showing of a tribute video of her career. The video almost seemed a calling from leaders and luminaries to Clinton to say consider 2016, consider the country, consider the world.

I don’t hold back in my respect and admiration for the Secretary. And should she have the opportunity to run again for President of the United States I believe we may all be better for it if she won.