(i received this email the other day…how freaking sweetcrazy!)

Hello! have good day! I am glad, that we with you can have a contact. Your profile seemed me by very interesting for me, and it coincides my by search. I studied preliminary and to send to you messege. I hope that you have time to send to me several messege, which we would can this better to learn each other. I will describe a little about itself, my age from 25 years, my name is (removed). I was not married, and I live in the apartment of my grandmother. Several years ago I finished instruction obtained the degree of the teacher of foreign languages. I work in the secondary school and teach children English language. I very much like active rest I sometimes play sports for improvement of my body. I like to travel, but my job does not allow to make it often. I have many friends, we to sometimes together spend time, to play into the billiards and bouling, are other entertainments. I send photograph to you, that you saw my face. Furthermore, I want to ask you to send to me several photographs of you. If you please, pose the interesting questions about me and you will report to me, if you please, information about you: What you do love entertainments? What your nature? If you were Married? I will answer your questions and report to you that more about itself in the following write! I will wait your communications. Your friend (removed).