we all have talents or a talent we enjoy…a thing which in when we participate we become so enthralled that life seems to slow around us. for me this thing was writing… not the exploration of a topic, or ramblings on a thing, but the solid creation of new material that relayed some sort of emotional exposure for me. i know i have written about losing my inspiration before…i explored trying to regain that passion, that joy, the excitement that resembled a child learning that a word like mama could elicit a squeal of joy from the funny looking thing with the food supply.

several days ago i had a conversation with an artist…one of the drawing kind…we spoke of the inability to be inspired. not that we had lost the passion, but maybe the notion of how our passion for creation had gone dormant. much like an acorn we considered how we could awake our dormant talents…what would/could be our water. the tears we seemed to share over the inability to continue something that so excited us at one time? the water from the showers were we sat considering things to create…things we thought would spark the process? i still have yet to find the answer, but i hope to…soon.

i was inspired by the artist to continue seeking my source.