Here are four things you should keep front and center for this week:

A-List Dallas:
I don’t know about you, but I am beside myself with anticipation for A-List Dallas this week. After the splash on the second episode and karma peeking around the corner on episode three….one can only image what trick will show up on episode four.

While these no-name reality performers are a little annoying I must say this show is DRAMA packed!

You’re out…who is leaving the race:
Cain has been getting so much attention these last few days in the race for the Republican nomination for President. Now I won’t give any input on who I think should get the nod for the Republican candidate…but I know that it won’t be Cain in the end.

So it’s only days before National Election Day on November 8th and I wonder who will be bowing out of the race for the nomination…thoughts?

Aaaaahhhh! It’s back and I’m soooo ready! I am a full on Gleek…now I may not be as Gleeky as some folks. Well Glee returns on Tuesday and Damian McGinty, one of the winners of “The Glee Project,” will star in his first episode as a foreign exchange student who crashes with Brittany.

And if you haven’t heard Trouty Mouth will be back by December!

G-6…nah go G-20:
Ok this one is ripped right from the CNN headlines…so I take no credit or creative licenses.

“When leaders of the Group of Twenty nations get together this week, they’re expected to bring along their plans for resolving the global debt crisis.

The conferees need to figure out how to bring debtor nations Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United States more into balance with creditor nations such as China and Germany, say scholars Matthias M. Matthijs and Neil K. Shenai.

The summit will be held Thursday and Friday in the French Mediterranean city of Cannes.”