There are many days when I believe I have political aspirations. While I am not certain what I mean by “political aspirations” I do realize I want to some day exist in a role which allows me to be a voice for many people and to really impact change on a national, if not global, scale. These moments sometimes last longer than other moments of thought…but they wain because some article, some news report, or some political blogger seems to blast politicians who just aim to be real.

What I realize is that politicians aren’t viewed solely as representatives of the political voice of the people, they are also viewed as lightening rods of morality. A politician who goes to Vegas to gamble (responsibly), one who enjoys a night out on the town–more often than not, a non-married politician (actually, are there any str8 non-married politicians) who goes on many dates (with different people)…I can only imagine that these people could not, would not, last long in a political career. What I really consider, however, are those who come to the idea of a politics late in life–not the career politicians…but the accidental ones–the ones I believe to be the best kind of politicians.

The accidental politician who one days wakes up and realizes that standing up and speaking out is something which gives meaning to this person’s life. The accidental politician who when in college smoked pot, who took pictures out at a night club with no shirt on, who tweeted negative comments about social and or political reform before finding a party with which to align. Maybe I am thinking in terms of contemporary society and the fact that a new generation of politicians will soon emerge from a generation born of the technology revolution which enabled, if not implored, people to be more free and open.

In my heart all I know is that as I exist today and I elect to engage in politics I can’t be a politician of old…nor do I want to be a politician of old. If nothing more I would fall into the accidental politician group…who has skeletons in the closest (but even current politicians have those)…I have no problem putting those out there. But if I am ever elected to an office where my purpose is to serve the people my personal life will be my personal life and my professional life should be just that. As a society we need to realize that the people who fight for us have a right to live their private lives any way they elect–legally that is. However, the moment they step into the office, when the speak on behalf of the people, and while they use their professional office to move forward our agendas that they should do so with the respect accord to the office.

if you elect me…just know, i wanna be me.