I gave up on trying to create New Years resolutions…the ideas, to me, is totally defeatist. You come up with a set of resolutions which you hope to maintain over the course of a year and as you do you burden yourself with the the thought: what if I don’t achieve what I set out before me…OMG am I a failure?

I say resolve not to resolve. Just live and try to attain personal satisfactions…and if you don’t achieve things well no big deal…you didn’t make some huge commitment…you just tried–and that’s all one can really ask.

But you know we live in a world where resolution sharing is huge… I mean top ten lists on the web, hour long shows devoted to resolutions, full newspaper spreads all abou this stuff. Well I stumbled across something wich I feel I just have to share…

New Years Resolutions Every Gay Should Live By
1. Go on a weird diet that freaks everyone out.gay diet

2. Stack your phones.

3. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

4. Take pride in your home and make it beautiful.

5. Do cute stuff with your Boyfriend (or Pretend Boyfriend) and take pictures of it.

6. Get off Facebook.

7. Respect your ElderGays.Harvey Milk

8. Don’t wait until you’ve had seven vodka drinks to address issues with friends and loved ones.

9. Grow a beard.

10. Enjoy our beautiful planet before it’s engulfed in flames due to global warming and the upcoming end of days.

So I guess if my gay comrades want to get on to some resolutions…the above 10 are recommended by others…I just put the information out there…