Did it make sense?

Picture this Atlanta, GA the year is 2000. There is a buzz and it’s growing louder: AOL and Time Warner are going to become one large media conglomerate…epic fail or total success? In January of 2000 TIME was asking the big question “Does it make any sense?” I think we found the answer in 2009 when AOL and Time Warner parted ways and in marriage times some have called it irreconcilable differences. Today AOL and Time Warner continue to find their appropriate footing on the ever expanding, and changing, media landscape.

Fast forward two years and we see something similar to the 2000 merger/acquisition/BYOB to the party happening all over again with AOL and The Huffington Post (HuffPo). In a reported $315 Million acquisition of HuffPo it seems AOL hopes to gain some footing, and momentum, with the online media segments. HuffPo launched in 2005 by Arianna Huffington (and Co.) has seen tremendous growth and gained major traction in many different facets of the media.

Well, let’s hope that AOL dumping %40 of their cash on hand to bring along HuffPo is going to be worth it, for both companies. If not we may see that 9 years from now AOL and HuffPo will be getting a divorce and we will have to wonder who will leave with the better half–thanks Mr. Jerry Reed.