And with that simple first Tweet Hillary Clinton launched her personal entrance into the age of instant and direct contact with the public…oh and a little speculation about a 2016 run for the role of 45.

Her bio line acknowledges a list of titles that encompass a long life of dedication to others…and a list that no other individual before her could string together. And for political pundits and fans of Hillary the most telling of her bio was “TBD…” OMG what does it mean!!! Simmer down folks…let’s take it at face value and realize that she really may not be sure of what to do next…and so “to be determined” seems rather fitting as the last qualifier in her list of titles.

Only 5 hours after her first post on Monday Clinton amassed more than 168,000 followers on Twitter—of course thanks to media outlets aiding in pushing her new @HillaryClinton handle out there.
Hillary Clinton Twitter

This morning @HillaryClinton has more than doubled her following with over 360,000 followers—and quickly growing. President Obama has over 32,500,000 followers on Twitter…wonder when Hillary will reach that level—before the close of the year?

Hillary on Twitter

So, do you think this was HRC keeping the speculation churning about her run for 45? Or do you think it is simply a smart lady finding a way to engage with people who care to listen to what she has to say?

Here is CNN’s take on the topic of Hillary Clinton and her launch into the Twitter world and what it may mean for a 2016 run for the White House.