Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) was a politcal pollsters’ favorite to win the democratic Presidential nomination in 2008 and well we all know how that turned out. Well, here we are a Nation on the dawn of another election in 2012 and the pollsters are at it again.

Clinton, Perry and Romney...she isn't in it...so there is no winning it. | AP Photo

A CNN news report notes “If Hillary Clinton were on the ballot in 2012 as the Democratic presidential nominee she would fare better against the Republican candidates than her current boss, President Barack Obama, according to a new national poll.”

While we all know there is no way that HRC will run in the 2012 election unless President Obama decides he is not in to run for a second term–this would be highly unlikely. While his ratings may be at a current low his Administration can celebrate many wins in the last few months. “Although the secretary of state has repeatedly said she will not run for president in the next election, Clinton beat the top GOP candidates among likely voters in hypothetical matchups” says CNN.

Well, I am not one to stir up the pot…but I mean I wouldn’t be so upset if HRC was able to run in 2012…I still think she rocks! What about you?