Facebook zigs and Google+ zags…well, it might seem something like that. The reality of the situation is that Facebook is zigging and zagging and Google+ is just trying to zag in time to keep up with the zig Facebook. Unless Facebook makes some massive flub in the coming months and somehow turns off their over 800 million users I am not sure what Google+ can do to gain ground on the social media giant.

Consider Pete Cashmore’s stance on the matter and ask what is the value of Google+? Where can they penetrate the market that Facebook hasn’t found a strong foothold quite yet? Yes it is the “+” feature. Google can really leverage the “+” feature to enhance the social connections function as people go around click on that wonderful little button.

So can Google win the social media battle? Well my response like Cashmore’s is no. “Nonetheless, Google could still make a big move to increase the odds: It could acquire Twitter, gaining ownership of one of the biggest databases of social signals on the Internet.” The acquisition of Twitter is Cashmore’s idea as well and I might agree…but unless they are willing to really put up a fight and engage in a hostile takeover I don’t see Jack Dorsey letting go of Twitter any time too soon now that he is back.

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