Every now and again I run across a name I haven’t heard of before and for whatever reason I find myself checking out Google to be sure that person isn’t someone I should know more about. And of course at least once a week I Google myself…just to be sure Perez Hilton isn’t spreading some sordid rumor about me–no, I don’t believe all press is good press.

Wait–are you looking at me funny? Stop…because you know that you’ve Googled yourself at least once before…and it is ok, you’re not alone.

A new study conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that 56% of Internet users have searched for themselves online, up from 22% when the question was first asked by the research firm in 2001. Although the number has more than doubled in slightly over a decade something tells me that number should be much higher.Google Yourself

If prospective employers, college admissions officers and romantic partners are all using search engines to stalk, I mean, do background research how is it possible that 44% of people surveyed never searched for their own name.

Well, I suppose if you are part of that 44% you may want to Google yourself…you never know what may be out there.