I am not sure what all the buzz is about GLAAD and the once noted support of the AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile. I mean the reality is I was shocked that GLAAD offered any support in the first place as I saw no direct relationship between GLAAD’s mission and the creation of a new “super” telecom leader.
Now Jarret Barrios, “ousted” GLAAD president, is gone along with several Board of Directors of the organization… Barrios’ short lived tenure at GLAAD was from September 2009 to July 2011. If the correct checks and balances were in place this pie in the face incident would have never occurred. Kudos to those at GLAAD who felt it necessary to take such strong actions to rectify the situation. However, let’s be honest and acknowledge that they missed some steps in the first–place several months back when such loud support was given.

Maybe the organization saw something on the horizon when they brought Mike Thompson aboard earlier this year, January, as the new COO. Now as acting president he has taken swift action and released very welcomed statements about getting GLAAD back on track.

I suppose the reality is I am “GLAAD” I don’t really care about it…