Fife isn’t in reference to Fife, Scotland or to my childhood dog–I was afraid of dogs growing up…now it is all about birds! F.I.F.E stands for football is for everyone!

Ok, so maybe I am a closest football lover…I don’t talk about it in public, I don’t watch it around other people and I won’t ever talk about a favorite team. Whether it is college or professional I really try to hide the tinge of excitement I feel as the teams take the field.

Recently the Stanford Cardinal lost their head coach Jim Harbaugh to the San Francisco 49ers; yes, I was sad…but he stayed local. In my heart of hearts I knew that Harbaugh would make an impact on the team in very little time and he has done so. After this weekends win over the undefeated Lions the 49ers are now 5-1 in the first few months of a season. A 5-1 season so early hasn’t been seen in 49ers history since maybe some time in 90’s…

Well, the web has been all a buzz because Harbaugh was a little more excited then expected over the win this weekend. All I’ll say is: way to go!!!

And remember F.I.F.E!