dear me of yesterday:
i am glad you made it to work today and you had a good first day back to school. the kids seem nice, but you really do have your work cut out for you. well, i just wanted to say there are several things i think you should consider about the day before today. first i think you should have asked that nice doctor in training for his number, i am proud of you for chatting with him and making him feel good about human nature.

me of yesterday, i am glad you are getting out now and meeting new people…that is a very good thing. however, i think yesterday you should have stayed home…wait, yes, you did have a good time after dinner…but what did you get? you got all of your friends meeting people and you meeting no one. ok, well you did meet people…but they are not interested in you in a fashion of wanting to get to know more about you.

me of yesterday i think that is all i really have to say about yesterday…

me of today (not me of tomorrow)