2011 in Review

CNN gave readers 20 stories and asked them to list them in order of importance. More than 30,000 CNN readers helped shape the list.

Here’s what readers decided were the top 10 stories of the year:

  • 1. U.S. commandos kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan raid
  • 2. Japan suffers major earthquake, tsunami and resulting nuclear crisis
  • 3. Arab Spring spreads from Tunisia; regimes fall in Egypt, Libya
  • 4. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is shot in the head at public event, survives
  • 5. Apple founder Steve Jobs dies of cancer at 56
  • 6. Occupy Wall Street movement spreads from New York
  • 7. Deadly tornadoes usher in year of severe weather
  • 8. U.S. unemployment remains at staggering 9%
  • 9. S&P lowers U.S. rating after 11th-hour deal to raise debt ceiling
  • 10. Prince William marries Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey

Do you agree?