the mourning after…

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Someone had hit me. It literally knocked the wind out of me–thud. I instinctively wore black. It wasn’t a question. It is what’s expected after a death…when you’re in mourning. For the next three days I adorned myself with a variety of shades of black. And it was on the […]

Tickers, Tweets, and Texts:

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It’s been a minute since the last edition of Tickers, Tweets, and Texts! Life has been happening and as life happens my time to post is always diminished. Ok, so enough rambling on that topic… Here’s what’s been a taking up internet bandwidth this week: 1) Happy Thanksgiving for those […]

Porteous for President 2016

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Today I would like to formally announce my candidacy for President of this great land–The United States of America. Like the Presidents before me I believe in the freedoms we fought for so many years ago–although some of us didn’t get those freedoms right from the start, I mean things […]