I’m pretty good at keeping secrets… Like the one time when my best friends snuck out of his house to go to a party across town and he was only 15…I never told any one! So there are some secrets that should never be kept.

Secrets like when you know a company is going under and you don’t tell your friends to sell their stocks…or if you know there is going to be some awesome buyout in stocks that will shut a particular company through the roof… These things you have to share–I mean in secret of course!

Well recently I stumbled across a “secret recipe” list from one of my favorite city magazines 7x7SF. 7×7 asks the city’s chefs for the recipes to their most loved cocktails, bar snacks, starters, mains, and desserts. If there’s a dish you can’t stop thinking about and want to make at home, email lauren@7×7.com. Your wish may end up on the blog, along with the actual recipe from the chef.