Now you know I am not a convert to the Google+ bandwagon…I’ve tried to jump on and I seem to fall off repeatedly since I am not seeing the benefit to the lay person like me. However, when Google launched Google+ pages for businesses they may have found a solid way to engage a new cohort of the population.

When the company recently introduced Google+ pages for businesses, designed to help brands connect with customers I believe they were looking for a way to inject some lighter fluid into the slowly kindling fire. While Google+ pages is in its infancy, the social network’s user base is growing, warranting brand attention and testing. Now is a good time to explore how Google+ works and what impact it can have upon the way your brand communicates with customers.

On Lawrence Mak suggest 6 things to help you business build its brand on Google+. Mak is the product marketing manager at Context Optional, an Efficient Frontier company, where he covers product positioning and communications while moonlighting as a writer for all things social media.