4 things to do in 2017

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1. Have more compassion — for yourself and others. Hy says he would beat himself up if everything in his day didn’t go perfectly. Now, he has more of a glass half-full approach. He doesn’t let little things blow up his day. 2. Do the “Uncomfortable Introspection.” Hy says you […]

the mourning after…

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Someone had hit me. It literally knocked the wind out of me–thud. I instinctively wore black. It wasn’t a question. It is what’s expected after a death…when you’re in mourning. For the next three days I adorned myself with a variety of shades of black. And it was on the […]

after the storm

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The dampness in the air hung like a winter coat draped gently over someone’s shoulders. I had been waiting for this moment. The rain was coming. While the predestination of rain in the summer might drive some wild with the ick that if places on their skin; I find that […]