While we may not be corporate brands what we have come to understand is that each person aims to reflect a personal image and maintain a personal impression on others…your personal brand.

And as brand identity has become the buzz of many things it seems their ability to be socially responsible in this day and age really helps propel a brand image. Do more for others and your brand is seen in a better way…do less and well your brand may just crumble.

In a recent piece found on Mashable the writer denotes: “In other words, the stuff you do that helps the world will help your bottom line. That same logic applies to individuals. As online influence metrics evolve, you’ll be able to increase your ABI (accountability based influence) score as you pursue everyday career and lifestyle actions – all while making the world a better place.”

Thinking about your world?

So, how socially responsible is your brand and will you be up to the bar for entry into Club Responsible?