dating is always a complex endeavor. whether it is at the onset where one is out meeting and dating several people or if it is in the midst of a one-on-one dating exchange where it may seem like that moment of commitment is looming nearer and nearer. but have you ever noticed at any given point in dating there is always more than two people in the dating paradigm until it is finalized in a positive place or a negative space?

my explicit interest in one such recent dating/make-out/cuddle buddy equation left me in the cold (better yet fighting for my place at the dating table) when an actual 3rd showed up. while there was never any misunderstanding that i was not the sole proprietor of the “booty” (of which i was getting none) it never really dawned on me that there was another fighting for the heart’s strings and not just the “booty”.

so now i sit out in the cold…but not really. for i have found a wonderful distraction…however it is just that a distraction. does one suppose that a distraction could turn in to a heart-string? this one hopes.