my slow start this morning was ushered in only because of a wonderfully eventful evening the night before. like a good friend i stepped out to show love and respect for an acquaintance who was having a birthday…my inetion was to stay out no longer than an hour or two… well to cut to the chase the clutch on my car went out and my evening lasted a lot longer than first expected. but my story starts not the nite before, but the morning after.

in conversation with my mama, as i lay in bed, she told me a story of a dear friend who is fighting cancer. i said to my mam “well, you know i don’t talk to him every day, but i guess i can call him up for you”… and over the course of the day i considered what an actually phone call would be like to the man upstairs, but then i thought wouldnt it be even better if i could send him an email. i mean nothing too long; but something direct, sweet, and straight to the point. so, here is my go at an email to the man upstairs.

To: The one
From: This guy
Subject: Dude can you help me out with something…

Body: so, i have a friend of a good friend who is fighting cancer and i would really love to send a special prayer up your way for her. ok, i mean i know we dont talk often…maybe when i get a crappy phone call, see a police in my rear view mirror, stub my toe, when i want to win something or get a good phone call…

but dude, i mean, really you are always on my mind. just the other day i was wondering how my mom is doing hanging out there with you. yeah its kinda shitty bad that i chat her up and she is basically right there with you, but i mean yo u have to understand our relationship…right?

ok, ok, so back to what i am asking. if you could just send a little love, do a little dance, spread some of that power down here and keep my mama’s friend around for just a little bit longer…i would be totes thankful. i mean i dont want to make a promise or something because you would be the first to know if i am going to keep it or not. and i dont want to say i will owe you one, ’cause, well, i mean we all kinda owe you.

ok well i said i was gonna keep this short. so anything you can do i would love it. thanks big guy.


PS: if you are a woman, like some folks suspect, no disrespect using the masculine to chat you up.