agb: what a ride…

I want to thank everyone for their support an encouragement during this first ever America’s Gay Bachelor contest. The experience is something I will never lived down and will take with me forever. My competition was amazing. I have so much respect and admiration for Mr. Rhode Island and Mr. Oregon, and of course for Mr. Utah…and not any less respect for Mr. Montana. As a group we represented a very diverse spectrum of the gay community all of whom believe in love and life long happiness with a partner. Coming in as number 3 means that I am still a great person to be with…someone who knows one day he will find his partner. But I have to say if any of the top 3 were chosen I would have been glad to support them as the Gay Bachelor of 2008.

Mr. Oregon is a great person with a big heart and a great personality. He was the most supportive of everyone during the event. He made sure we felt ok and were excited about the great opportunity we had. Mr. Rhode Island was my roommate, my flight mate, and I hope to consider my new friend–as I hope to consider the other top candidates. With a great smile, a cool personality and a positive attitude he kept me smiling, as I am sure he kept others smiling.

This journey has not only been momentous for me, but also momentous for the GLBTQ community at large. The first ever nation-wide gay bachelor event goes far beyond what we have ever believed to be possible.

What a run!

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