agb: shock and awe

america’s gay bachelor update for sunday…

i woke up early this morning, 8am to be exact. i did a little in-house workout focused on the abs and arms (sit ups really get that six pack in shape–oh and the man lines just pop!)…i cleaned my tub–i felt it was not as clean as it could be although i scrubbed it on saturday, and i took a shower. yes it seems my early morning got me motivated to walk and get coffee as well as then take a nice long walk to the park and around the neighborhood. sf is really a beautiful place. i sat in lafayette park and looked off into the distance to see the bay welcoming its children of ships.

the moments of silence and alone are sometimes the greatest moments to experience your self and what your personal motivations are. i encourage everyone to take a moment alone and enjoy their space and think on what is great about it all. or disregard what i am saying and do what you always do and enjoy life as you have…maybe you know something i don’t.

ok, so my morning was rather productive…i felt accomplished…i felt complete…i felt good. but it was 10am and i had nothing to do! so there i texted my fraternity brother and we went to brunch in the Castro. OK, so maybe deep down in side i keep hoping that i will run into Mr. Rhode Island and we will become super friends…or something like that. well as sundays go we ate and then went for drinks… i should have known where that would go.

yes we drank, and drank, and drank… but the greatest part of the evening was when we sat at the Mix and my fraternity brother finds a small print magazine and is flipping through. he stops and says “oh, i so want to get to know this guy”. i glance over and its…its…OMG its…MR RHODE ISLAND!! yes there in all his glossy glory was mr rhode island being featured in some magazine for a photographer…i about fell out of my chair with my skirt over my head and my shoes pointed straight to the sky–that reference is for adam who enjoys referencing to me as a woman! shock? i was shocked! awe? i was in awe! this boy was popping up more than ever before.

well conversation ensued to find out that my fraternity brother and he shared friends in common and that he and i likely have been in the same place at the same time! ok so i take it all in stride. i say to myself we are both in the top 5…awesome!

so the evening only gets better! well i didn’t tell you all about the 54 year old man who chatted me up on the street. well he did… oh crap… i don’t think i can explore that here…he may be reading this. well, if you want to know about that feel free to connect with me and i will give you full detail on the occurrence. oh, if you want to know about today’s almost interaction be sure to remind me of the bus incident…its a shocker!

oh and two agb benefits of the day: a free drink at the bar and a picture request with some random… if you are wondering if all this being out has lead me to find the man of my dreams…the simple answer is, well i don’t think so. the complex answer is well maybe i have and i just don’t know.

till tomorrow…wear your hat and sunglasses on the bus late at night…you’ll avoid many things!

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