america’s gay bachelor update for saturday…

i cheated!

i ate Biscoff cookies–thanks to morgan, i drank mimosas, i had wine, i only worked out half of what i was supposed to, and i ate dinner at 11pm! i realize that famous people and models (they are not always in the same class) have people who tell them what to do and what not to do…when to do it and how…should i get one of those? no but really, i mean what a statement on our society and one’s inability to achieve or maintain a standard of one’s own!

ok so i didn’t eat the Kara’s Cupcakes, although i wanted one…i did help a lady and her charge (a nanny and her brat–she was cute though) with their bikes outside of the store. maybe walking from one restaurant to the next counts for working out?

ok so back to agb and whats on with that…apparently Gay Pride San Diego is bigger than i ever knew…sad that I am leaving on friday–or am i? if i win i think i have to stick around for another day… if i don’t get the golden sash i will hop on my Virgin America flight and depart in a cloud of dust larger than a twister ripping through a grain silo! (omg…i just thought this image was sooo funny!)

i did have a odd moment on saturday night when i had an urge to go dancing while feeling as if san digeo was going to eat me alive! my good friends calmed those fears and told me to just be myself…some random duded sent me a message saying “your amazing…you’re so gonna take it home!” well let me tell you sir…i am amazing…but all i plan on taking home for sure is my swimsuit from the competition (they can’t want that back?)!

all in all saturday was a good day. thanks to morgan, solomon, and micheal…and yes bagel boy!