I woke up this morning in my newly blacked-out room, I bought these amazing curtains that darken the room, and lay in the stillness for what seemed like an hour but was surely only minutes. My day would be full, but my morning would start like any other since hearing about being a finalist in AGB competition.

A quick glance in the mirror to acknowledge my newly defined torso. A short walk to bathroom to grab a glass of water (dont ask its where I go). Then I started my routine of shoulders, arms, torso, legs, back and repeat. It is wildly amazing how easy one can get into something and forget all else going on around–I was almost late for the time I wanted to be at work.

While in the shower I continued my routine of answering questions such as thoughts on world peace, why should I be America’s most eligible bachelor, what does family mean to me, if I had to pick between Prada and Gucci… You know the simple things every man, gay man, thinks about while they shower. Sixty seconds to respond and no uumms. I was out the door and off for my walk to work.

While I had a productive day in the office I must say my productivity was more aligned with detective work on my competition than on office related functions. Although my 50% in a regular office day is equal to 85% of most folks. So I found that I have the first strongest web presence, then comes Oregon, Rhode Island may be next and equal footing would be given to Utah and Montana. I also found out about Charlie Christ and his not being gay–well that is what they tell me anyway–the power of the internet.

Flash Forward
Dinner with friends gave me two ideas: one create a daily blog, if not hourly, while in San Diego and two–well two wasn’t so much an idea as a realization…I only have one week before the actual event!