if you read back through some of my blogs you will see the ones under life coach (some are just tagged and some are categories)… and in those writings i support finding one’s passions, engaging in positive pursuits and ultimately enjoying all which you explore. so i must say i was glad to hear of a good friend who is taking his passion for cooking to a new level and sharing it with others. i do believe it takes a great talent to throw caution to the wind and do what you love, and to do it with reckless abandon.

my friend loves to cook, actually i must say he is rather good, and so he has started a blog site where he will share his adventures in cooking. no julie as he is not cooking his way through any particular book, but he is cooking what he loves or finds intriguing (a challenge of course). so i encourage you to find our own passion and engage with reckless abandon…and while you are doing that take some time to read if you’re afraid of butter, just use cream.