Densil PorteousI don’t know where I am going…but I am going to make the journey count.

I’ve had a lifelong passion for creating relationships that bring a variety of individuals together as a group for a common purpose. Over the years I’ve held Board roles at Advocates for Youth and the Human Rights Campaign. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Kenyon College and my masters, in business administration, from the University of Phoenix.

For the first part of my career my day job was in higher education and encompassed a mixture of admissions and enrollment management; marketing and communications; and new/social media. My volunteer engagement has primarily focused around issues of equity and access in a variety of arenas.

I ama marketing/creative dudesomeone who works to support access to higher education for alla person who believes in social justicesomeone who is not seen as a social conservativesomewhat fiscally conservativea “Slightly New Democratic” and a “Little Old Republican”me!!

This blog is about anything that seems to inspire me enough to write…

(the title of my blog spawns from the Crystal Waters song…but notice the punctuation is vastly different…any linguist will tell you…and thus, the meanings are different.)