We are but like babes newly suckling at the breast of our mother.
Innocent in the eyes of man; condemned in the eyes of God.
Shielded from the cold cruel world by our benevolent father.
We lay unearthed like slippery worms under freshly watered sod.

Pure and raw understanding of the world can sharply harm innocence;
Often unknowingly affecting the reality of one’s perception of life.
And every human from humanity sometimes falls from initial benevolence.
No longer babes; but now deformed mice awaiting our mothers knife.

We lie to survive, to thrive, to gain the trust of companions;
Misguided judgments move us forward in pursuit of survival.
Lest we seem weak we cut blindly pushing and forcing our foe into canyons.
In twilight we sit as devil spawn, no innocence we morn not our rival.

Be true to one’s heart, and share truth where truth belong.
Be not dismayed, nor disheartened for love will be then right along.