OK, I was a secret fan of the A-List New York…I watched it while working and it kept me company on many a lonely night. Aside from knowing a cast member and special guest, or two, the show it self was rather entertaining. I’m not like some folks who run home to watch certain televisions shows I’m ok with catching the show online at a later time.

Well, I have been hearing all about the A-List Dallas and I guess I wasn’t really impressed by the decision of the A-List New York producers to take their product to Dallas. I mean Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and even San Francisco are all much better options. Maybe they wanted to keep it safe with a city that really has no potential to cause ripples across the country…I mean are there even “famous” people in Dallas?

Well, I am going to watch a few episodes online and see how I feel about this A-List Dallas… What I do know is that these guys have some irritating voices!