Your east to west expanse compels and captivates; defined by your association as an area between a presidio, a bush, a union and a van. Your younger sibling has been crafted by those who parcel her streets for monetary gain as the area south of California and just past Post. Regardless of your geographic designation it is the liveliness of your streets, alleys and corridors which beckon a return of the weary southward wonder escaping the tides of the marina and the patties of the hollow.

A sunny day can call your dwellers out in the grassy knolls of your well placed parks, granting them wonderful views of the city by the bay. A sunny day quickly fills the sidewalk cafes with urbanities and their offspring, twenty somethings pour in and out of your local beverage parlors, and the visitors from the suburbs seem wide-eyed and bushy-tailed clamoring to fit in among the masses. While a sunny day within your boundaries comes more frequently than those of your neighbor to the west it is the seldom warm air that truly delights.

An overcast day hinders not your residents, instead the garb shifts from polos, flip-flops, and well placed sunglasses to athletic attire, well equipped with fleece jacket and appropriately placed sunglasses. Sidewalk cafes welcome the runner with coffee, beverage parlors welcome the happy hour seeker with internal warmth and glass eyes to watch the suckering suburbanite try to figure out the correct action or inaction on such a dreary day.

Lest we forget the commonalty of our mode of transport we must pay homage to our feet, our twin Audis, our BMW compact SUV, our satin colored SLK, and our baby’s pram. Let us not neglect your well placed pastry shops for without them brunch would be lunch. We must most of all recall the wonderful cornucopia of eateries which line your streets, for without them dinners would be mere meals at home…maybe even alone.

We are grateful to you and for you. For without you we would not be residents of the most beautiful district in our wonderfully compact seven by seven city.