The Iowa Caucus kept me up last night until late in the night. While the pundits on CNN were gasping about the last few votes after it was clear that Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney were going home with 25% of the vote. What was the hold out? 8 votes that separated the two Republican presidential hopefuls from claiming the ceremonial victory in Iowa.

Meanwhile, one-time leading contender Newt Gingrich is hoping to breathe new life into his campaign with a sharper message in a new state. Rick Perry, who came in a disappointing fifth in the caucuses, said he was heading back to Texas to “reassess” his campaign, a statement that all but seems to close the book on his presidential bid that took off like a rocket in August only to fall out of the sky in the ensuing months.

Perhaps, the second biggest surprise of the night — nothing can match the razor-thin margin that Romney won by — was Michele Bachmann’s refusal to bow out of the race even though she came in a disappointing sixth place.

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