“(an edited) conversation with a stranger”

him: hey dude

me: hi

him: what’s up?

me: r u real?

me: ha

him: i’m zeus u?

me: densil here

him: i don’t know too many densil’s out

there 🙂

me: i cant say I know any other

me: well, my father was one

him: i’m sure you can say you know a

few zeus’s right?

me: a friend of mine says he knows

someone with my name who lives in

CMH, but i think he is fucking with me

him: my name is too common

him: lol

me: yes, i do know a few zeus’

him: i know of only one

him: one too many

me: 🙂

me: so, how is your evening thus


him: eh i’m bored outta my mind

him: waiting for american idol

him: u?

me: well, not waiting for american


him: lol i know i’m lame

me: its been a long day..my brother

in law was in the hospital and passed

away this morning…i am sitting around

wasting time when I could be doing some

work…I am thinking about bed! lol, which it

is way too early for.

him: i’m sorry about your brother in law

me: as they say, life happens

me: i was never really able to get

into american idol, no appeal to me

him: it’s actually pretty stupid

him: i’m just killing my pain away

him: i just got out of relationship

me: was the spilt good?

him: i guess so

him: does not talking to the other a

good split?

me: well, it depends

him: his mother drove me away

me: but sometimes it takes time to

get back to even the friendship place

him: he was closeted and his mother

thought i was driving him to the devil

me: lol, his mother…sounds like a

straight person’s problem

him: so i think his mother broke up

with me and not him

me: lol

him: who knows, who cares

me: well, then what’s to say he wont

come back

him: he acts like he still sucks her teat

me: i was dating someone who was

not out to his family…i had to break it off in

the end because I really couldnt deal with

just being a friend if I met his parents

him: yeah

him: i once broke up with someone for

sucking on my toes

me: o did you!

me: lol

him: i was like, “no ma’am!”

him: broke up with him the next day

me: “the” ex tried to do that to me…i

freaked out. i have feet issues

him: lol

him: so how’s the dating life or r u


me: dating life

me: well, i try to meet people

me: i dont know what is going on

right now

him: with what?

me: lol, with me

him: u or the community at large?

him: ah

me: well, see this past summer I

was seeing this great guy and then he

went to france for six months, but I dont know

what we are…if we are

him: ah…the ambiguous relationship

him: been there done that

me: then while he was gone I was

“dating” this really nice guy, but I wasnt

trying to commit and i think he was upset

because I wasnt giving him direction as to

what I wanted from us

him: interesting

him: so you’re torn?

me: i couldnt commit, i didnt know

what was going on with the guy in france

me: no, i WAS torn

me: i am not anymore…

him: ah

me: since the guy i was “dating” was

upset we just stopped talking

him: well question…did he stop

talking or did you stop talking?

him: or both?

me: well, we talked about what was

going on, then I took time to think about

something he asked me…then we talked,

then we stopped talking, i think more so

on my part the last time than his.

him: but you had a sense of closure?

me: what I got/read was that he was

upset with me and really didnt seem like

he wanted to be engaged in any form of

relationship (using the term in the broad


me: and maybe i read it wrong, but

maybe it was/is better this way

him: yeah…how long did it last?

me: LOL, too much stuff here!

him: well i appreciate your candidness


me: well, when people ask direct

questions, i try to answer them

me: i think we started seeing each

other in like aug and then kinda came to a

halt in dec

him: do u consider that long?

me: no, i consider it the beginning of

something…the time you take to get to

know someone

me: but that is me…

him: good point

him: i dated someone for about 5

months and we fell in love FAST!

him: and then sadly we fell out of love

even FASTER!

him: that’s what i get for dating a

younger guy!

me: lol, yes, that is what I say, but

that is all i keep ending up with

him: younger guys?

me: yeah

him: alright dude…i’m outta here

him: peace out

him: it was pleasant to chat with u

me: same here, enjoy the show!

him: again, sorry about your brother in


me: that’ really nice of you, thanks 🙂