What’s more American than Thanksgiving? No, the answer isn’t The 4th of July (I mean lots of countries have an independence day…right?). See, that’s just the thing I couldn’t think of anything and so my lead into this post died.

So, here we are several days away from Turkey Day, a time for giving thanks and spending time with friends and family… And what better way to make it through the holiday than with a libation, or two, to give thanks for Well, thanks to Mashable for teaming up with Brooklyn bartender and food blogger Mallory Lance of Mallory’s Kitchen to turn a turkey dinner into unique cocktails–just reading about these drinks will make you hungry.A little wine with your turkey

1. Turkey Rosemary Whiskey
2. Green Bean Gimlet
3. Buttery Potato Cocktail
4. Spiced Butternut Squash Whiskey
5. Cranberry Sauce Tequila
6. Pumpkin Pie Old Fashioned
7. For your non-alcoholic friends: Pumpkin Pie Spice Latte

For the full description of each of the above drinks visit Mashable.