“13 hours and counting”

Someone in the background screamed ‘Five minutes until the New Year!’ and I grabbed a bottle of bubbles and headed out to the front room. Here I stood with friends, acquaintances and complete strangers…so I was far from alone, but I must say it was the most alone I have really felt in a long time.

I watched as everyone paired off with someone to hold, hug, or kiss as the world clock turned to 12midnight (at least for those of us in the EST). I backed away; I didn’t want to hold, hug, or kiss someone that I wouldn’t wake up next to in the morning or afternoon. I thought about who I wanted to be with, I wished that he were there and all I could hope was that he was wishing he were there with me too.

So, 13 hours and counting and here I sit with my Sofya in my lap. Giving all the love she knows to give and wanting me to do the same…can she sense that I am feeling slightly alone? Of course she doesn’t know, for her I am not alone, I am with her and that is all I should need.