“Notions of Consideration”

Sometimes in ones’ life there is a moment when contemplation around a situation, circumstance, or position in life is called for…this moment should be taken seriously and given full consideration.

I don’t like to make rushed decisions, when you rush a decision you may later find yourself thinking of the many different outcomes any other decision may have given you; no, it is not a moment of regret it is/they are moments of consideration, moments you should have taken prior to your final decision.

Recently I took some moments of consideration when I was asked to contemplate the direction a particular relationship was traveling. I must say I was, at first, shocked to even think that this relationship was at a place for moments of consideration, but I understood on some level why it was being asked of me. I took a week, a week to consider what it was that I wanted from the relationship, a week to consider…well, to be honest I wasn’t sure what I was considering since the consideration that was asked of me was to consider staying in the same place we were. However, since that was the consideration asked of me I began to consider it, however at some point I changed my consideration to something else entirely: whether or not I wanted to even consider anything, whether I wanted more if anything at all.

Well, my week of consideration must have been too long because prior to my sending the first line of communication it came to me. From less than a mile away it came by digital towers receiving messages from a system of satellites high above me, us. I had also considered sending my first correspondence, to less than a mile away, by compressed code sent along by digital signal to land based cables. This possibility was only a consideration, one that was deemed inadequate for correspondence and I was instructed not to worry about it…so, I stopped worrying.

I enjoyed us. We were individually together. To wholes with no true need for another half however pieces of the wholes were slowly falling away and blending. Not falling fast enough? Not blending well enough? This also called for other moments of consideration, but I wasn’t asked to consider those…well, not by any one other than myself.

So, now my moments of consideration have been down graded to notions of consideration. I guess that is ok, I suppose the concept of “notions of consideration” is better than the concept of “no consideration”.