A Loss of Wisdom

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“A Loss of Wisdom”

I used to think I had something powerful to say, some form of knowledge to pass on. I used to compose writings full of emotion and wonderful expression. Now, now when I write I feel as if it is forced…its not just flowing…I have to think about.

One thought on “A Loss of Wisdom

  1. Speaking as a person who has no idea what you write like these days, but used to be very well acquainted with your writings-of-old (at least, I believe I was)…I would wager that the thinking you do as you write these days is a good thing. But that’s just me speaking…because, as you well know, there is no such thing, to me, really, as thinking too much. I bet–an actual ten dollars, if you’re up for it… 😉 …that the thinking you do means that you know more about what it is you’re writing. But…maybe this is no comfort to you. I am, after all, a person who loves to ask people what it is they mean when they write or say something that forces me to pay attention to it/them. People (you included) are extremely uncomfortable when they have to answer…”why.” And whenever I used to ask you “why” or “what does this mean, really…” you were never able to tell me. Perhaps you weren’t quite sure yourself. Perhaps, now, you think about your writing enough that it isn’t like a thing just flung out into the universe…maybe it’s a thing molded, caressed, thoughtfully considered. And how could any creation with those attributes be a bad thing?

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