“And then”

I think we all go through a period where we are so very confused and unsure of what and/or who we want. I am not sure what I want to do with my future and even more I am so unsure of who I want to share that future with. Well, I am sure that I want to share my future with someone who I get excited about when I say their name, someone I can be away from and still feel as if they are right there with me, someone secure about who they are…not necessarily who they want to be.

Am I more concerned with money or happiness? I want both! Can I not have both? I told a special friend that I want to leave my job and do something different…he asked me why? “You have a job that you enjoy, you are in a good place and growing…you’re 24 and should be really happy with where you…” Should I be happy with where I am?

I am in LOVE…but it’s not…