“A time to remember…”

8-JUN-1999 22:55:35.66

From: KENYON::PORTEOUSD “Every day I find myself to be the man I never was before.”



Subj: I should go to sleep

It’s funny how things fall into your lap when you don’t even expect them to. I feel asleep last night only because I thought about Thad. I thought about how it would be to lie there in each other’s arms. I thought about how glad I would be to see him again. No, I am not in love with him, but I want to be able to get to know him more.

I enjoy just lying there with him in my arms, or when I lay there in his arms. It’s a feeling that seems to make me complete. Thad is what I have been looking for in a relationship with a guy. Thad is not too overwhelmed by his smarts or too consumed with some other facet of his life that he doesn’t see the need to spend time together.

Maybe just maybe he is the guy that I should try developing a relationship with. Maybe just maybe I am ready to give it a go at being with just one person right now. Maybe just maybe it’s going to be Thad. Don’t rush things. Don’t make it seem like more than it really is. “Before you leave I should tell you something…I don’t want you to go away for two and a half months.” I didn’t want to leave anymore than he didn’t want me to leave.