“If This World Were Mine”

I borrowed that subject heading from an E. Lynn Harris book by that title. He is a wonderful writer that makes the characters come alive and their stories really touch you. I sit here thinking back to my last mass emailing and wonder just how much time should pass in general before I do these things. My answer to myself is “Densil, whenever you have the time you sit down and you write.” I do hope that this email finds everyone in good health and spirits. I know I am a really good place right now and I want to share with all of you.

The most important event that has occurred since my last email was my initiation into the Brotherhood of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity. As I said before this was something Densil wanted and needed in his life and I am so glad that it has become part of my life. The months that I gave to the pledging process and the week that I spent with the brothers intensely learning the values and beliefs of the Fraternity meant so much to me.

It still astounds me that I am part of a Fraternal organization, but I have found one that has not strayed too far from its initial aims. In actuality it is the only Fraternity–in my opinion–on this campus that still adheres to all of its traditions and main goals. It is not like others Fraternities that are based on looks, social stature, or sports affiliation. The Alpha Delta Phi is an organization that represents individuality among its members. You should not be able to look at a man and know that he is part of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity because we can like anyone.

At present my school year is coming to a close and once again it is not a joyous time that I look forward to. I love being here on campus and living with all of these wonderful people. My plans for the summer are not even set because I can’t find a job anywhere. It makes me feel at times that I just need to sit in a corner and give it all up. I do know that I will be here in Ohio for two weeks out of my summer doing a Summer Science Program.

Other than that program I really can’t set any final plans until I hear back from some of these jobs that I have applied to. It’s odd to me because I haven’t even heard a nay as to whether or not I would be offered a position. I wonder if they just don’t feel that notification of any decision is needed. Boy o boy I am such a worry wart, but that is my life.

Thad and I are doing really great. I am so grateful that he is still a part of my life and I hope that he is for a very long time to come. June will make it a year since our first time going out together. I recall it so vividly. Our first time out wasn’t even a date it was two friends going to club together. But I guess it’s true what they say about finding love right under your nose. I remember our first date when you picked me up he brought a rose with him. I smiled then and I smile now as I recall it.

I can’t think of much else that is going on in my life right now. I mean yes there are things going on, but nothing that seems important enough to put in this email. A few words now: I care for all of you as everyone in the world should care for each human being. I love all of you because hate is something that I can not with all my heart believe in. Thad always tells me to slow down and enjoy things and lately I have been doing just that. Please, take his advice and slow down so that you can enjoy the world and the riches that it holds. Until next time.



Suck it up and deal.