“Densil’s Life Lesson”

This is text from an email:

I suppose that subject is a bit more than one would ask for, but I think some of what I will spew about will be something that one can take with them and use later on in life. I must say I am so sorry for the lack of communication that I have exhibited this semester, but I feel as if my time this semester has been truly spent bettering myself and possibly others. Which leads me to the first thing that I want to mention.

A friend of mine gave me a fortune cookie bag, but this bag was strange because it had two cookies in one bag. I was kind of excited because I thought it was pretty kewl to have two in one bag. Ok, so one cookie says “You are the guiding star of his existence” and the other says “You make people realize that there exists other beauties in the world.” Both floored me and cause all sorts of thoughts to germinate in my mind.

“You are the guiding star in his existence.” I read this and thought of Thad. I wonder if that is what I am to him, if I can ever be that for him, and if he wants to be that for me. This is February and I began seeing him in June of last year, whoa, that’s a long time. Everyday I am happier that he is a part of my life, everyday I am thankful for the joy that he brings to me. Tonight I sat down talking about him with a friend and she said to me “You are glowing” I laughed and shrugged it off, but in my mind I realized just how right she was. I glow when I talk about him, I feel as if my life is going in the right direction. I wish that all of you could meet him and see just how wonderful he is.

My second fortune made me wonder about the journey and path that I see set out before. “You make people realize that there exists other beauties in the world.” This, this is what I want to do. This is what I dream about. I am motivated daily to be the person that I am because I want to help people see the beauty, the wonders, the magnificence that exists on this world. Please, don’t laugh, but it’s all I seem to strive for, it’s all that seems to motivate me, it’s what makes me tick. I received an email the other day from someone who lives out there in cyber world and that person thanked me for being me. That person told me that I had made a difference in their life. I felt good, I felt really good and I just thought I want to do that more and more and more, I don’t care if I get the recognition, but I just want to be there and help people out.

But now, it’s time for me. Time to say “what does Densil need?” and even “what does Densil want?” One or two of you may know this, but I am currently pledging a Fraternity–Alpha Delta Phi–and this is something Densil wants and some where deep down inside I need it. I thought long and hard about this and as you can see I decided it is the thing for me. I won’t lie and say that everyone I have told so far was pleased, but they have respected me enough to say that it is my choice. I want to make it all the way, I want to be a part of this organization, this brotherhood. I guess in reality there isn’t much that I feel I need, oh sure there is tons that I want, but right now my biggest want is to be part of Alpha Delta Phi.

A note on something that is truly amazing to me:

Here at school there is a very big award that is a truly amazing honor to win and even be nominated for, I was nominated for it and at current the school is voting on the winner. The award is given to the student that the school feels has made and hopefully will continue to make an impact on the environment here on campus. The award is generally given to a Senior and to even be nominated as a Sophomore is a truly great honor. I am very excited about this and whether or not I win I plan to continue doing what I am supposed to do.