Critics aren’t being harsh saying “Mariah Carey Is a Guest on Her Own Comeback Single.” I have to say Miss Carey made wise choice with releasing this single off of her upcoming 14th album–“#Beautiful” is a wisely chosen duet with hot R&B artist Miguel. Carey is one of the first to grab Miguel into the studio after he received much acclaim for his February 2013 Grammy Awards performance of his single “Adorn” with Wiz Khalifa. So, why not be the first person out of the starting gate with a somewhat hot new artist on the scene.

I say somewhat new because Miguel released his first album, “All I Want Is You,” in 2010 under now defunct Jive Records. Signed to Jive Records in 2007 his freshman album was under-promoted and performed poorly on the charts, but the album was a sleeper hit and helped Miguel garner commercial standing. After Jive’s dissolution in 2011, he moved to RCA Records and released his second album “Kaleidoscope Dream” in 2012 and well clearly something went right this time around.

Oh look this post just became more about Miguel than about Mariah…but wait…she is still part of the conversation? And that is surely where my friend, Rich Juzwiak, and I agree on what was going on with this song’s release. “Mariah needs a hit like a billionaire needs a third mansion. Here she’s angling for chart domination by giving us less of her, reducing her presence for the sake of keeping up appearances. She is a self-obsessed diva like no other.”

Well, it is a great song and Miss Carey will guest star herself all the way to the bank.