Thanksgiving fast approaches and while it may pass us by because of the inundation of winter holiday ads it is important for us to take notice of this holiday—that is Thanksgiving. While we are schooled on the notion of a celebration between Indians and Pilgrims and a festive time for turkey I think it is the message of thanks on which we must truly hold.Eat Ham

We have morphed in to a society of individuals who use thanks as a common place item and so therefore truly miss what giving thanks means. We say thanks because “that’s just what you do.” Well, think for a moment of what it means to the person whom you are thanking—or what it should mean. It is acknowledging that person for taking some time out of their own routine to engage in a thing which will be to your benefit.

So here is my thought for the next 3 full weeks of the month of November leading up to Thanksgiving. On the 9th, 16th, and 23rd think of someone whom you would like to thank for doing something for you. My suggestions for communication are all written (electronic or hand) because sometimes it is easier to express thanks when we truly take time to think about that for which we are thankful.

9th: Send an email to someone saying thank you for something they have recently done to help you.

16th: Leave a hand written note for someone who is currently helping you with something.

23rd: Send a letter, via snail mail, to someone who has had a significant impact on your life letting them know how they have impacted your life and, of course, saying thanks for what they have done.

I don’t say these things because I want to see how many communications I receive, I don’t say these things because I expect you to send this along to friends so they may do the same, but I do say these things because I think it important that we take the time to really think about the people in our lives and how thankful we are for them and the things which they may do to our benefit.

Thank you for reading because you take the time out of your day to read my random ramblings. Thank you, because it makes me feel you care.