i moved in to san francisco, from the wilds of, foster city, in april of 2008. after a split and then break-up from the boyfriend of roughly a year and a half; i realized i wanted a change and i thought actually being a part of san francisco would be good for me. getting in to the heart of it all would allow me the opportunity to meet new folks and actually experience all the city had to offer–not just on the weekends.

i moved to san francisco determined to expand my friend base, but also to find quality folks for dating… quality was more about drive, determination, realistic goals, maturity…i mean, you know, that kind of thing. don’t get me wrong, there were good folks to “date” down on the peninsula–but i wasnt really ready for pension plans, boats, and month long trips to wildly exotic places (i am sure i will want that much later in my years).

i connected with guys in the city. some were really decent, some where just fun for the moment, others i could have been excited with more, and some…well some i am still running from today. but you know how they say “you find someone when you least expect”…well on july 17th, i was knocked over with a cup of tea and a happy hour martini.

the pleasant surprise is now its 3 months and counting. one never really knows how hard or fast one may/will fall…but when it happens i believe you should run with it. don’t hold back, don’t play the “you first” game, be bold with your feelings and let the love light fly (as ms. tempa would say).

so mr. man here is to 3 more months or 3 more years…whatever and however long i know its gonna be sweet!